Sensei Bill Atkins is the chief instructor for the GMAU UK. He began his martial arts instruction in 1989 with Goju-Shorei instructor Kurt Spivey under Master Steve Anderson. After attaining his instructor certification Sensei Atkins worked for Master Anderson as a lead instructor for 3 of his schools for 2 years. Bill then moved on to study Okinawan Goju under Tom Everette, again rising through the ranks to be Sensei Everette’s “keeper of the knife” a title given to the second in command of a school in the lineage of Shihan David Overstreet. Following this, he moved from Okinawan to Chinese martial arts attaining instructor certification in Chinese Kenpo after 2 years of intense study. Sensei Atkins has progressively moved from style to style spending decades accumulating knowledge. He currently teaches, Shuri-Ryu, Shuri-Te, Okinawan Goju, Chinese Kenpo, Systema, Kali Silat, Pankration, and Jujitsu. Sensei Atkins has been serving in the GMAU since 2006 under the instruction and headship of his Shidoshi, Kyoshi Johnny Russell. He has been privileged to study under such Master instructors as: David Merrell, Al Tracy, Mike Proctor, Robert Bowels, Karl Marx, George Birch, Eddie Bethea and Doug Perry. Sensei Atkins also holds 2 Master’s degrees in Theology and Science and Religion and is currently reading for his PhD in Systematic Theology. He and his family are fully committed followers of Christ who have served and continue to serve in missions.


Kosempai Ho Lam Cheung began his martial arts training at age 18. He earned his first black belt in Taekwondo and states that, apart from his marriage and the birth of his 2 children, earning his black belt was one of the proudest moments in his life. Later Ho Lam studied advanced close quarter combat and practical self defence with Tactical Edge before coming under Sensei Atkins to learn the GMAU system. In addition to his service in the martial arts ministry, Ho Lam serves on the church committee and the worship team of the English Ichthus ministry of the Chinese Evangelical Church.


Kct5a7833osempai John-William Noble is an assistant instructor within the GMAU at Edinburgh. He has studied Okinawan Karate, Jujitsu, and full contact kickboxing under Sensei Bill and currently has a yellow belt in the GMAU. He has also worked with his brother to complete many choreographed fight sequences for their Christian based film group ‘Noble Brothers Productions’. Kosempai John-William is the pastor of the Chinese Evangelical Church and has a Bachelor of Theology Degree. Komsempai John-William formerly worked as a teacher for many years, and has been involved in many ministries with children and young people. He has a heart to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and to make disciples for His Kingdom.